Stitch That

I’m a techo laggard. I’m a tightwad, so I always get technology that is just been superseeded so I get it at half the price it was when it was released.  I only recently upgraded from a very early version of PS, simply because I was still getting the results I needed, and for me, there wasn’t a great deal of difference when I did….

Up until now, I didn’t even give the stitching gig a look in because I couldn’t get the vertical resolution required for a 75inch print.  Now with a reasonably priced 21meg camera in the 5D, I’m constantly thinking about it.  However with every shot I take on the 617, I’m wondering how I would sticth it…….  Some images are perfectly stitched (Christian’s Wyadup Rocks perfect example, but then, intrinsically it’s as close to a perfect image I have seen in a long time…), but others I see have stitching hallmarks that are obvious from 100 paces.    Then, how do you stitch from a heli, or how do you stitch from a boat.  Granted, these are a small percentage of most people’s portfolio, but look at KD’s portfolio, some of his best sellers are from the air.

All will be revealed in good time I suppose……



~ by Michael Brown on April 4, 2009.

5 Responses to “Stitch That”

  1. Hi Micheal I’d think that stiching from a heli or a boat is pretty well impossible but you may get something acceptable. But having said that you can get good land shot pano’s hand held and stiching with ptgui. Water especialy rough water is another tricky one as well and a lot of water stiches are terrible, people try to clone them and blur them but they are pretty obvious. Christian gets it right most of the time as , good as anyone could get but if you know where to look you can see the stitch on large prints but the average punter would never notice or pick it.

    If you are looking for absolute perfection in water pano’s the 617 is the only way I’d say.

  2. Hey Michael, stitching is an art form that in my opinion not many people do very well. However, until an affordable 617 panoramic camera comes out (likely to be some time) it is the only option for most digital shooters. One of the things I have had trouble with is visualising the final image as you do not have a single view finder that covers the aspect of the panoramic image and obviously shooting moving objects like water (especially in the ocean) causes much angst. Unfortunately I can’t afford a 617 film camera either so I have decided to limit my panoramic shooting and focus on good single image composition in most cases, atleast until digital pano’s are the price of dlsr’s.


  3. Like everything stitching has it’s place as does 6×17. There are some shots that are near impossible to do as a stitch with digital like Mike pointed out and then there are some images impossible to shoot with a fixed lens 6×17.

    The perfect set up is a 6×17 and a digital camera. For me personally I want to shoot more digital but keep the 6×17 handy for the shots you just cant get with digital. The 6×17 in today’s age is expensive. The cost of E6 processing goes up and up as does the price of film. Where digital is free and the results instant. The with digital you have the post production side of things where with slide the instant colour and mood is already there for you.

  4. Michael, thanks for your comments. Matt, I hear you and agree.

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