Autumn Nude

•November 7, 2008 • 4 Comments


This was one of my first digital origin images.  I was a late starter with digital, it was only taken a year or so ago. I love film, I think I was born 20 years too late….


Long White Cloud….

•November 2, 2008 • 8 Comments

Visit NZ and you’ll soon see the “Long white cloud”…they are everywhere. There’s anotherone to the left, and probably behind me too.  This image probably looks better in colur now I’ve scaled to B&W, as the foreground rock seems to blend in to the mid ground a little too much..  The colour ersion the rock is a lot more prominant….

Storm at Snapper Rocks

•October 22, 2008 • 4 Comments

A shot last night down at Snapper Rocks near the NSW border – the weather was a little wilder than it looks.

Bribie Is

•October 21, 2008 • 1 Comment

There’snothing worse than leading a group of photographers when the light really goes off….it’s poor form to pull out your camera and start snapping for yourself. You want conditions to be good enough that they have a good time, but not so good that you wish you were there alone.  This is one time I couldn’t help but get my camera out.  Some of them thought the sunset was “boring”anyway…….

…Do you have permission to photograph the lights?

•October 20, 2008 • 4 Comments

Copyright is a massive issue for any artist, and ripping off anyone’s copyright or trademark is definitely a no no. This is close to the heart of all photographers, copyright is their livelihood, so most ethical photographers are very mindful of this issue. I received a message once about this image and he said that the lights were protected by copyright.  I fell off my chair, and I later found it to be correct when I licensed another Eiffel Tower image to a French postcard co.

Apparently if you credit SNTE, which is essentially the city of Paris, it’s all good. As for National Park permits….that’s another post all together.

In the beginning…..

•October 19, 2008 • 4 Comments

My peer Mat Lauder encouraged me to start a blog, so here goes….

Given that Mat encouraged me on here, I thought it was only fair to let everyone know that Mat has a lot to do with me getting started in Pano Photography.

It was this image of Mat’s that caught my attention while I was living in London.  I contacted Mat to buy a copy as I’m originally from Sydney. Instead, it inspired me to buy a pano camera for myself, sorry about the lost sale Mat!!  I might still buy this one day to hang on my wall!  Something else Matt and I have in common – first time dads recently, although I might be getting twice as much sleep as him….we didn’t have twins!